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I’m very excited to introduce today’s guest, Jessica Nazarali. I’ve been following her on Instagram for some time now, and it was fun to finally get her on the show. She’s got an inspiring success story, and practical tips on how to build a successful business quickly.

About Jessica Nazarali

Jessica Nazarali is the Host & Founder of It Girl Academy and the It Girl Foundation. She’s a speaker, leading coach, and mentor. Dedicated to helping women create meaningful global careers and live out their best lives.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Jessica’s top tips on how to get from $0 to $600k in less than two years of full time business
  • The top factors that helped her build a strong following for her blog
  • How she turned a passion project into a business
  • What Jessica did to make $3-$7k each month in her business while still working 3 days a week in a corporate job
  • How to sign your first client in 30 days, even with no list or following

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