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The Business Mindset Podcast is an interview series where I interview inspiring women entrepreneurs such as Denise Duffield-Thomas, Natalie Sisson, and Natalie MacNeil. You'll hear them talk about their business journey and how they got to where they are today, plus they'll share their top tips in their area of expertise. About once a month, I run a solo episode, where I talk about business mindset and give you practical tips on how to upgrade yours.

The audio files are uploaded to my podcast on iTunes and Stitcher every Monday morning, 8am UK time. I update this website each time a session goes live, but you can of course subscribe to the podcast itself, so you will receive automatic notices when each interview is available.

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If there's no link to the episode, it's probably because it's coming soon. All new episodes are posted to the blog. Likewise, if this list hasn't been updated, you can find the latest episodes on the blog. 

BMP187 Maggie Patterson ~ How to Build A Successful Business From Referrals

BMP186 Jo + Holly: Why Following the Internet Rockstars is Ruining Your Business

BMP 185 Racheal Cook ~ How Your Business Sweet Spot can Amplify Your Business Results

BMP184 Rebecca Miller ~ How to Use Case Studies to Get Great Publicity & Reach Your Ideal Clients (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP183 Holly Worton ~ How to Get Things Done YOUR Way

BMP182 Regan Hillyer ~ How to Call in Your Cult Tribe Who Love You

BMP181 Jo + Holly ~ Is Mindset Important in Business, or Is It Just an Excuse to Avoid Action?

BMP180 Katie Wyatt ~ How to Build a Raving Community Who Love What You Do

BMP179 Holly Worton ~ How to Balance Inner Work & Marketing Your Business

BMP178 Joanna Hennon & Karina Ladet ~ How to Run Your First Conference (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP177 Jo + Holly ~ How to Focus & Get Things Done in Your Business

BMP176 Lisa Lister ~ How to Get Published by Hay House or Other Traditional Publishers

BMP 175 Holly Worton ~ How to Maximize Productivity With a Workcation Weekend

BMP174 Maria of Gentlewhispering ~ How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

BMP173 Jo & Holly ~ Should You Guarantee Results For Your Clients

BMP172 Elizabeth Goddard ~ How to Revolutionize Your Email Marketing With ConvertKit (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP171 Alixe K. Tracey ~ How Changing YOUR Name Can Create Business Success

BMP170 Denise Duffield-Thomas ~ How Upgrading Your Money Mindset Can Transform Your Business

BMP169 Jessica Improta ~ How to Reinvent Your Industry By Walking Off the Beaten Path

BMP168 Jo + Holly ~ How to Think Bigger & Surround Yourself With the Right People

BMP167 Jessica Nazarali ~ Get from $0 to $600k in Less Than Two Years of Business

BMP166 Holly Worton ~ How to Drop the Hustle and Start Taking Easy Inspired Action Instead

BMP165 Linda P. Jones ~ How to Create Wealth in Six Steps

BMP164 Jo + Holly ~ How to Know Whether You Need Business Coaching, Mentoring, or a Mastermind…and When (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP163 Mridu Parikh ~ How to Organize Your Business to Streamline Distractions

BMP162 Holly Worton ~ Tap Into Your Intuition to Make Your Business Easier

BMP161 Allyson Byrd ~ How Vulnerability Can Kill Your Cash Flow

BMP160 Vasavi Kumar ~ How to Make a Comeback After a Business Break (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP159 Jo + Holly ~ How to Step Up and Be More Visible With Your Business

BMP158 Joanna Hennon ~ Get Better Results in Business by Accessing Your Soul Power

BMP157 Holly Worton ~ How to Increase Your Visibility by Transforming Your Mindset

BMP156 Amy Lippmann ~ How to Grow Your Business Through Speaking

BMP155 Jo + Holly ~ How to Get a Book Out of Your Head and Onto Amazon (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP154 Arabelle Yee ~ How to Create Unique Packages Personalized for Each Client (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP153 Holly Worton ~ 7 MORE Business Blocks That Hold Back Most Entrepreneurs & How to Release Them

BMP152 Karina Ladet ~ How a Focus on Deep Connection Can Revolutionize Your Business

BMP151 Jo + Holly ~ Our Top 10 Life-Changing Business Books for Solopreneurs

BMP150 Charlotte Wibberley & Amanda Slack ~ How to Hire the Right VA for Your Business (now with downloadable transcript!)

BMP149 Holly Worton ~ 7 Business Blocks That Hold Back Most Entrepreneurs & How to Release Them

BMP148 jaha Knight ~ How to Find Your Voice & How That Relates to Your Branding

BMP 147 Yoneco Evans ~ How to Get Clear on What You Want to Be Known For

BMP 146 Jo + Holly ~ Should You Only Do It If It’s A “Hell Yeah”?

BMP145 Shannon Ledford ~ How Nurturing Your Relationship With The Feminine Can Help Your Business

BMP144 Halona Black ~ How to Create Your Signature Book for Your Business

BMP143 RM Harrison ~ How to Clone Your Favorite Client

BMP142 Jo + Holly ~ How to Go From One to One Coaching to Online Programs

BMP141 Caroline Frenette ~ How to Master Your Intuition to Create Quantum Leaps in Business

BMP140 Jillian Haslam ~ How to Be Extraordinary in Your Business

BMP139 Amy Scott ~ How to Add More Freedom to Your Business

R2B138 Jo & Holly ~ Our Top 10 Business Tools, Systems, and Apps

R2B137 Holly Worton ~ How to Stop Hiding & Overcome Your Fear of Visibility

R2B136 Holly Worton ~ Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Your Business Mindset

R2B135 Cathy Ballard ~ How to Find Your Flow And Bust Through Your Blocks in Business

R2B134 Linda Ursin ~ How to Tap Into Your Female Strengths For Business Success

R2B 133 Lynn Hord ~ How to Dissolve Overwhelm & Put the Joy Back into Your Business

R2B132 Jo & Holly ~ Can you Really Make Six Figures in Six Minutes (or Months)?

R2B 131 Sandra Pilarczyk ~ How to Stand Out in the Crowd and Be Visible

R2B130 Jane Talbot ~ How to Make an Organic Shift Into a New Era for You and Your Business

R2B129 Ebonie Allard ~ How to Get a Sense of Belonging As a Misfit Entrepreneur

R2B128 Amy Humphries ~ How to Hotwire Your Business to 5 Figure Months

R2B127 Holly Worton ~ How to Revolutionize Your Business Mindset for 2016

R2B126 Sylvie McCracken ~ How to Create Passive Income Through Ebooks

R2B125 Kat Loterzo ~ How to Be True to Yourself & Commit to What’s in Your Heart

R2B124 Beth Grant ~ How to Align Your Marketing With Who You Are

R2B123 Kristen Kalp ~ How to Discover your Greatest Gifts

R2B122 Kerri Walker ~ How to Write a Press Release That Gets Journalists Interested

R2B121 Jo Casey ~ How to Get Coaching Clients Without the Hustle

[R2B 120] Amber Lilyestrom ~ How to Step Into Your Power Through Your Brand

[R2B119] Holly Worton ~ How to Recover Your Investment on Coaching or Mentoring That “Didn’t Work”

[R2B 118] Michelle Wildman ~ How to Use Photos Online to Grow Your Business

[R2B 117] Cordelia Francesca Brabbs ~ How Remembering Your Magic Is Vital to Your Business

[R2B116] Cara Wilde ~ How Channeling Your Guides Can Transform Your Business

[R2B115] Holly Worton ~ How to Get the Right Mindset for Your Business

[R2B114] Meg Worden ~ How to Be Vulnerable & Tell Your Story Without Shame

[R2B113] Tash Mitch ~ How to Align Your Business to Exactly What You Want

[R2B112] Catherine Watkin ~ How to Create a Successful Business Mentoring Program

[R2B111] Holly Worton ~ How to Get Clear on Your Big Business Vision

[R2B110] Holly Worton ~ How to Overcome Your Business Fears

[R2B 109] Jen Smith ~ How to Tame Your Inner Critic and Find Personal Freedom

[R2B 108] Zoe Richards ~ How to Have Your Best Month in Business

[R2B 107] Annie Stoker ~ How to Have Stress Free Success in Business & Life

[R2B 106] Nicci Bonfanti ~ How to Serve Your Clients Through Selling

[R2B 105] Holly Worton ~ How to Break Free From What’s Holding You Back in Your Business

[R2B 104] Raine Boyd ~ How to Find the Best Opt-In For Your Business

[R2B 103] Elyse G. Rogers ~ How to Reinvent Yourself in Business

[R2B 102] Halley Grey ~ How to Create Sales Pages That Work

[R2B101] Ann Wilson ~ How to Make Your Money Work Hard For You

[R2B 100] Holly Worton ~ Celebration! And What I’ve Learned from 100 Episodes of Podcasting

[R2B 99] How to Keep Your WordPress Website Glitch Free, with Natalia Real

[R2B 98] How to Get Paid For Being You, with Star Khechara

[R2B 97] How to Create Financial Freedom, with Kate Northrup

[R2B 96] How To Use Muscle Testing In Your Business, with Holly Worton

[R2B 95] How to Make Your Business Work Without Working Too Hard, with Jenny Shih

[R2B 94] How to Achieve Big Breakthroughs in Your Business, with Sonia Brown MBE

[R2B 93] How to Get Results from Business Networking, with Siobhan Costello

[R2B 92] How to Get Started With Video for Your Business, with Holly Gillen

[R2B 91] How Tracking Your Cycle Can Help Your Business, with Lisa Lister (now with downloadable transcript!)

[R2B 90] How to Overcome Your Money Blocks, with Denise Duffield-Thomas

[R2B 89] How to Build a Thriving Online Business for Your Art, with Victoria Dresdner

[R2B 88] How to Blend the Spiritual and the Mundane in Your Business, with Lisa Wechtenhiser

[R2B 87] How to Play to Your Strengths, with Tami Smith

[R2B 86] How to Connect With Your Inner Wisdom, with Joanna Hennon

[R2B 85] How to Make a Living With Your Writing, with Joanna Penn

[R2B 84] How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking, with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

[R2B 83] How to Follow Your Creative Intuition, with Flora Bowley

[R2B 82] How to Create a High End Offer Your Clients Will Buy, with Julia Bernard-Thompson

[R2B 81] How to Find the Blind Spot in Your Business, with Amira Alvarez

[R2B 80] How to Clone Yourself In Your Business, with Amber McCue

[R2B 79] How to Tap Into Your Intuition & Add Magic to Your Business, with Fifi Mills

[R2B 78] How to Get Confidence & Crush Self Doubt, with Jenn Scalia

[R2B 77] How to Charge What You’re Worth & Get It, with Siobhan McAuley

[R2B 76] How to Get Clear on Exactly What You Want in 2015, with Holly Worton

[SHP75] How to Have a Successful Online Launch, with Farideh Ceaser

[SHP74] How to Add Feminine Energy to Your Business, with Beth Martens & Sherry Rothwell

[SHP73] How to Create Your Signature Program, with Janet Kafadar

[SHP 72] How to Get From $12K a Year to $12K a Month, with Kylie Patchett

[SHP71] How to Conquer Your World, with Natalie MacNeil

[SHP 70] How to Create Content That Connects, with Amanda Berlin

[SHP 69] How to Discover Your Zone of Genius, with Ellen Ercolini

[SHP 68] How to Run Webinars Using Google Hangouts on Air, with Sandy Sidhu

[SHP 67] How to Overcome Fear of Not Being Good Enough, with Ann Brown

[SHP 66] How to Heal Your Money Blocks, with Yiye Zhang

[SHP 65] How to Get Your Blog Read by Millions, with Shae Baxter

[SHP 64] How to Tame Your Business Beast and Automate Your Growth, with Tina Forsyth

[SHP 63] How to Self Publish a Book That Looks Professional, with Michele DeFilippo

[SHP 62] How to Amplify Your Business Online With Google+, with The Stacey Harris

[SHP 61] How to Hire your First Project Manager (And Why You Need One), with Laura Roeder

[SHP 60] How to Give Yourself Permission to Live Your Life, with Priya Rana Kapoor

[SHP 59] Why You’re More Fascinating Than You Realize, with Jessica Kupferman

[SHP 58] How to See the Big Picture in Your Business, with Tara Gentile

[SHP 57] How to Build a Thriving Community Around Your Business, with Amanda Cook

[SHP 56] How to Heal from Childlessness and Create a Life You Love, with Lesley Pyne

[SHP 55] How to Listen to What Your Soul Wants You to Know, with Jodi Chapman

[SHP 54] How to Take a Vacation as a Solopreneur, with Heather Day

[SHP53] How to Raise Your Visibility, with Jenny Kovacs

[SHP 52] How to Declutter Your Life So You Can Free Your Mind, with Julieanne Steel

[SHP 51] How to Have Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life, with Natalie Sisson

[SHP 50] How to Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy, with Julia Lera

[SHP 49] How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media, with Holly Worton

[SHP 48] How to Let Your Soul Shine Through in Your Photographs, with Samjhana Moon

[SHP 47] How to Get the Website of Your Dreams, with Lisa McLoughlin

[SHP 46] How to Improve Time Management and Reduce Stress, with Julie Gray

[SHP 45] How to Build Self Awareness in Your Business, with Mary White

[SHP 44] How to Build the Right Social Media Tribe for You, So You Can Help the People You Were Meant to Help

[SHP 43] How to Get From Frazzled to Serene, with Louise Cardon

[SHP 42] How to Be More Effective When Working from Home, with Judy Heminsley

[SHP 41] How to Step Into Your Personal Power in Business, with Jac McNeil

[SHP 40] How to Make Killer Impressions Online, with Alex Beadon

[SHP 39] How to Know Which Social Media Sites to Use, with Holly Worton

[SHP 38] How to Get More Clients Saying Yes, with Catherine Watkin

[SHP 37] How to Manage Your Team, with Alison Green of Ask a Manager

[SHP36] How to Find Your Own True Style, with Helen Reynolds

[SHP35] How to Use Social Media the Heart-Centered Way, with Holly Worton

[SHP34] How to Become a List-Building Rockstar, with PJ Van Hulle

[SHP33] How to Tap Into Your Success, with Linda Anderson

[SHP 32] How to Find Your Thing and Get Famous For It, with Lucy Whittington

[SHP 31] How to Market Your Business Online in a Way That Feels Good, with Holly Worton

[SHP 30] How to Kick Ass in your Business, with Joanna DeVoe

[SHP 29] How to Heal Your Money “Stuff” & Find Your Life Purpose, with Mary Jane Allen

[SHP 28] How to Brand Your Business From the Heart, with Cathy Ballard

[SHP 27] How to Build a Successful Business Around Your Blog, with Celestine Chua

[SHP 26] How to Run Your Business Better by Improving Your Technology, with Francesca Geens

[SHP 25] How to Create a Life That’s in Alignment With Your Purpose, with Amethyst Mahoney

[SHP 24] How to Use Your Dreams for Business Success, with Tia Johnson

[SHP 23] How to Stay Fit as a Busy Woman, with Sara Stafford-Williams

[SHP 22] How to Go From Burnout to Brilliance, with Jayne Morris

[SHP 21] How to Work Happier Now, with Jo Casey

[SHP 20] How to Build a Successful Coaching Practice, with Sonia Gill

[SHP 19] How to Embrace the Feminine Way to Wealth, with Dr. Joanna Martin

[SHP 18] How to Make More Money in Your Business, with Roxy Ahmed

[SHP 17] How to Build a Thriving Therapy Business, with Peggy Guglielmino

[SHP 16] How to Get Your Modern Day Fairy Tale, with Shamia Casiano

[SHP 15] How to Use Tools to Grow Your Business, with Mary Joyce

[SHP 14] How to Turn Your Passion to Profit, with Corrina Gordon-Barnes

[SHP 13] How to Find Bliss in Life & Business, with Cara Wilde

[SHP 12] How to Liberate Your Beauty and Practice Self Care, with Jayne Ifeacho

[SHP 11] How to be a Successful Introvert in Business, with Christian Marie Herron

[SHP 10] How to Live a Courageous Life, with Kate Courageous

[SHP 9] How to Achieve Holistic Self Empowerment, with Sofia Barao

[SHP 8] How to Get Media & Press Coverage, with Carole Ann Rice

[SHP 7] How to Be a Free Range Human, with Marianne Cantwell

[SHP 6] How to Unveil Your Authentic Voice, with Beth Martens

[SHP 5] How to Make Your Business Uniquely Yours, with Linda Ursin

[SHP 4] How to Put Color into Your Voice, with Laura Hart

[SHP 3] How to Discover Your Life Purpose, with Helen Elizabeth Evans

[SHP 2] How to Be a Multipassionate Entrepreneur, With Candace N’Diaye

[SHP 1] How to Make a Difference With Your Copywriting, With Tanja Gardner

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