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My work with clients involves a unique blend of practical business coaching and a technique called PSYCH-K®, which works at the subconscious level to quickly, easily, and painlessly transform beliefs. My zone of genius is combining these two skills to help people get clear on what their big business vision is, and then get to the root of what's holding them back from achieving it. One thing I hear most often from clients is that taking inspired action is so much easier after the work that we do.

PSYCH-K® Testimonials

After my session with Holly I found that things I'd been procrastinating over for ages were suddenly getting done with ease. Things I'd put off because I was scared just didn't bother me in anything like the same way and I was taking way more action towards my goals with so much less resistance than before. I've made huge strides in my business this year, based in no small part to the work I did with Holly that supported me to take consistent action and get out of my own way.
Jo Casey

When I first found Holly, I was struggling to get my business to a place of success. I had the foundation in place, and had done all the “right” things, but somehow, it still wasn’t working … for me. I felt like I had a mindset limitation holding me back. After my initial meeting with Holly, even before our first working session, I received $16K in unexpected personal income – debts repaid, a royalty check, a bank refund … after only two working session, I booked $43K in sales for my business, and I quit my job. That was a dream I had held for over two years, and had been working for. It wasn’t magic, I put the work in, had a funnel, ads and sales conversations all set, but the results from working with Holly were literally overnight, and amazing. So much so, that had you told me that this would be happening … to me … I would never have believed you… in a million years. Working with Holly is seriously one of the best investments in my business and my life, that I have ever made. Thanks Holly. 🙂

Julie Languille

“Over the years I have tried several modalities of healing, mindset coaching and all sorts of wonderful and quirky self-development tools and although I had heard of PSYCH-K about 5 years ago, I had not actively searched for a practitioner. When I met Holly I decided to try it: I couldn't have made a better choice for myself!
The thing I really loved was that the process was really easy and, while looking at my mindset and beliefs, I was delighted at the fact that I was looking at everything without being upset or in floods of tears or in any real discomfort! Holly definitely knows what she is doing!!
I have since felt quite relaxed and much less reactive, clearer about what in the past would have pushed my buttons and finally able to choose a different behaviour and outcome! I can finally feel more in control of my emotions and I would definitely recommend you to have a session with Holly to get great results!”
Anna Florio

“I’ve had some really beneficial results from the session. The changing of beliefs about myself is really working. For the first time since I started working for myself I have confidence in the value of my services and the prices I’m quoting. It’s an amazing process.”

Gill Hunt

“It has been amazing working with you. You are so lovely and kind and you understand very quickly in which direction going so that the session turns out to be totally life changing. I experienced drastic changes in my attitude and my emotions in such a short time that I am still wondering if it is all true! Thank you very much. It has made me a far better person.”

Maïte Ménard-Pryke

“When I heard what Holly did, I was slightly sceptical you could change your beliefs that quickly but also very hopeful that you could! But working with her was some of the best money I have spent.

After each session I felt and saw the changes instantly. We worked on all kinds of beliefs but I know from working with her I have had a steady flow of more clients and more money. I feel comfortable stating my higher prices. I’ve started speaking in public and know the work we did around that has helped me feel comfortable in the spotlight.

We all have beliefs that block the flow of money, clients, abundance, success and joy, and Holly can help you clear those out fast. I’ve been recommending her to all my friends and entrepreneur buddies and will definitely work with her again.”

Lynn Hord

The Joy Coach

“Holly is a highly effective and very intuitive PSYCH-K Facilitator and Coach. She is extremely supportive and has the ability to go deep beyond the issue at hand to help you to uncover what’s really going on at a deeper level.

She helped me to get really clear on an issue I had about taking time out of my business for myself. As a busy Mum and a Coach I Consciously knew how important this was for my health and my wellbeing. However, actually putting it in to practice somehow never really happened and I found that even if I managed to set some time aside things would crop up to sabotage it.

In just one session Holly helped me to identify what was going on and to quickly and easily change the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. The results were just what I’d hoped for. As a Coach myself I’m quite self-aware and often work on myself, but there is really no substitute for having someone as skilled as Holly in your corner supporting you to create the changes you’re looking for. I cannot recommend Holly highly enough!”

Sharon Lock

“Since working with Holly and fully owning what I’m really about my business has been going through a big change. The transformation and higher consciousness work to help entrepreneurs find their natural Flow and abundance is now taking centre stage.

It’s not only easier to share what I do now because I’m just being myself, but I created a successful online programme called The Flow Project, I’ve been interviewed for podcasts and invited to speak at events on the topic, and opportunities to collaborate on projects incorporating spirituality in business are opening up all the time! It feels like I turned a major corner and my business has become really exciting!

Holly is a really warm and caring practitioner, has great intuition for asking the right kind of questions, and really knows her stuff. Highly recommended.”

Cathy Ballard

“Holly, PSYCH-K and more importantly your kind, generous way of practicing it have been fundamental in my decluttering once and for all. OMG the peace I feel is amazing. What else can I say but THANK YOU.

You have really helped me to see and work on some fundamental issues that have kept me from moving forward with my business and my life. YOU are the bomb.”

Bibi F.

“Before working with Holly I have to admit I was very sceptical about PSYCH-K. There are a lot of healing approaches that don’t make logical sense yet I still wholeheartedly believe in but PSYCH-K felt like a step too far – I just didn’t “get it”.

However despite over the years of my own journey of personal growth and working on myself there was one major thing that just wasn’t shifting, and it was a constant negative effect on my life that I could never quite break free of despite having tried lots of things.

The session itself was pretty weird. I couldn’t imagine that the stuff we were doing could make any difference – so there definitely wasn’t any ‘mind over body’ or placebo effect going on.

But the weird thing is that the issues that Holly worked with me on just sort of dissolved. These were big issues of a traumatic nature that it felt like my emotional and physical body just didn’t want to let go of – but after working with Holly these things just melted away.

What’s amazing is how quickly I saw this profound change. I had a first session working one set of emotional issues that had developed for me quite recently. Then because the difference I saw was so huge I decided to see her again to work on a very deep seated issue that I had carried for years and that no other therapy or approach had shifted for me. And again this very deep seated thing, that I now feel must have been some sort of trauma, just sort of dissolved and is no longer an issue. Which feels weird in itself after living with it for many many years. But weird in a very good way!

I would recommend Holly to anyone who is struggling to shift quite deep seated emtional issues that might even by having a physical manifestation. Don’t try to make sense of it – you don’t need to for it to work. You just have to be willing to give it a go.”

Catherine Watkin

“Being in a spiritual business, I meet hundreds of people virtually each year. Most are lovely but there are a few that come into your life to test boundaries and be the teacher of life lessons. I booked a session with Holly to help me identify and balance a particularly emotionally challenging situation around boundaries in my business.

We worked on identifying limiting beliefs that had come up for me and Holly helped me shift those negative, stuck beliefs with PSYCH-K. As it’s a form of energy therapy, it was invasive and fast to act. I could feel the ‘stuck’ energy in parts of my body and I could equally feel when it had shifted. After the session, I actually felt lighter – not just emotionally but physically in my shoulders too.

As my situation was to do with a difficult client, Holly did a Relationship Balance. She sent me a report on what she found and it was so very, very true. Also the difficult client reared her head the very next day so I was in a position to see if the PSYCH-K session had made a difference to how I coped and felt about the intrusion on boundaries. The week before I’d stressed to the point of getting a migraine but this time, there was no emotional charge at all. In fact, I could see the absurdity of the situation.

Holly was fantastic to work with and she made it a comfortable experience, even though technology wasn’t on my side that day. I’m very grateful to Holly for helping me shift those negative beliefs and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. She’s fab!”

Lyn Thurman

“I am writing to let you know the recent shifts I have experienced since completing the Psych K one on one session with you. The feeling of being overwhelmed and sense of hurred-ness to develop my therapeutic counselling private practice business and using social media has dissipated.

I feel more confident that I will be able to develop and achieve my dream business and attract my ideal clients. I also am experiencing more clarity about how to use social media and know that I will overcome any blocks or obstacles. Since the session I do not feel that sense of fear and paralysis when I start to approach the social media format or platforms.

Thank you so much – I feel and know the changes on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. This was the best thing I could have done for my-self and my business.

Jacqueline Conroy

Talking Therapies

“The PSYCH-K session with Holly made me feel so excited! We identified so many beliefs that were holding me back, so many things that I thought I believed but didn’t really… Then she blasted them away, one by one, and I just felt lighter and lighter, and more and more positive and excited. At the end I could barely contain my excitement anymore, it just felt like all the things holding me back were gone and that I was FINALLY on my way. Thank you Holly for this amazing work, I can’t wait to see where it will lead me!”

Joanna Hennon

Create Your World

Coaching Testimonials

Holly has an amazing, heart-felt way of really hearing what her clients are saying — even when it’s not directly said with words. When I talk to Holly I feel so seen and taken care of. On the flip side, she can also gently push me when I need in overcoming some of my own bad habits. And this is exactly what I want from my coach; a person who makes me feel safe but can also guide me through hard personal growth. I would recommend Holly to anyone. She was born to be a coach!

Sharon Mor

Creative Entrepreneur & Spirited Life Coach

I had always been a bit hesitant to work with a life coach, but working with Holly changed me life for the better. Through her caring and insightful questions, I was able to see doors that stood before me that had been invisible before. Her guidance also allowed me to see into my personality in a way I hadn’t prior, which greatly assisted me in seeing where I was being hard on my self. Integrating the organized plan that came out of the session with Holly has truly been a beneficial tool in becoming the best person I can be. I will most definitely be working with Holly in the future!

Shanie Matthews

Co-founder at Mountain Rider’s Alliance

Holly has an innate ability to help you blossom as an individual, she is wonderful at guiding you on your path using various different techiques. Personally speaking I thoroughly enjoyed using art therapy which really helps bring out your creative side and lets you look at life in a very different way!

Shirley Palmer

Business Professional, Inspirer & Philanthropist

Holly has an enquiring mind which she uses to her best advantage continually learning new advances and techniques .She is insightful and helps individuals with areas of their life they want to change. I highly recommend Holly as a coach and all round great person to know and work with.

Greg Lowe

Learning and Development Consultant

“I had a 1 hour session through Skype with Holly and it was really helpful to organize my ideas and projects that I kept postponing indefinitely. I was able to “download” them from my head, to transform ideas in facts, and actually start doing things, and not just thinking about them. I still don´t know how my projects will turn out, but for sure, to have started moving towards my objectives feels a thousand times better than just thinking “what if…”. Just 1 hour, just “chatting”, just answering Holly´s questions about what I was saying, helped me change the focus and overcome my own limitations. Thank you!!”



“I used Holly Worton to coach me through the difficult life decision of which job offer to accept. Holly put things into perspective and helped me figure out what was most important to me in my future job. I found using Holly to coach me through this complicated decision as extremely useful and helpful and I would use her services again.”


Occupational therapist

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