Raine Boyd ~ How to Find the Best Opt-In For Your Business

Today’s Guest

I'm so excited to introduce you to this week's guest, Raine Boyd. I think I originally discovered her in Leonie Dawson's Shining Academy, but I've been following her online for some time. I'm so impressed with how she's grown so quickly from a blog about Filofax planning into a thriving business. She's got some amazing list-building skills, and I love her dedication to experimentation and flexibility. You'll learn a lot on how to choose the best opt-in for your business from this week's episode.


About Raine Boyd

Raine Boyd is a reawakened artist + illustrator and blogging coach helping women bloggers {and aspiring-to-be bloggers} bring their message,  gifts and skills out to their right peeps. {Ya know, the kind of peeps actually hungry for what you have to offer. 😉 } Marketing your work can honestly be human, relatable, of service and truly community driven.  Find out more about Raine and her services at www.limetreefruits.com



What You’ll Learn

  • How Raine turned her blog into a thriving business
  • Raine's top tips on how to build an engaged business with the right opt-in
  • How experimentation and flexibility helped Raine grow her business quickly
  • Why Raine created not one but 18 opt-ins for her business
  • How Raine got 10,000 subscribers from just one of her opt-ins


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