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Today’s Topic

I’m excited to introduce this week’s guest, Suneet Kaur. I’ve known Suneet for about ten years now, and I’ve always had massive respect for her work. She was my teacher for the Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship I completed in 2019, and I hope to learn from her again in the future.

In this week’s episode, we talk about plant spirit healing: what are plant spirits, and how they can help us with our healing and personal growth.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What are plant spirits
  • What is plant spirit healing
  • The benefit of working with plant spirits rather than (or in addition to) the physical parts of plants
  • How to connect with plant spirits (there are a lot of different ways!)
  • How to deepen your relationship with the plant spirits

About Suneet

Suneet is a trained and initiated Shamanic Practitioner. She is also a Plant Spirit Healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Student Medical Herbalist.

Suneet was born with the psychic abilities to see, hear, know and feel things beyond our five senses and had many psychic experiences from very early childhood. As Suneet got older she found a deep faith in God and walked with Spirit by her side for many years before life events led to her coming out of the ‘psychic closet’. These events opened up a deep desire to help others and be in Service to the Divine, God, Great Spirit. This led her to setting up her practice Divine Souls in 2013 and she began offering Healing and Readings.

Once she began her practice, Suneet very quickly found herself hurtling down the Shamanic Path with a very firm boot in her back from Spirit. On this path of profound personal healing and rebirth, Suneet fell in love with the Plant Kingdom. She began studying with different teachers to learn, heal and explore the wise healing magic of working with Plant Spirits.

Suneet now teaches how to work with Plant Spirits for personal healing or to become a practitioner, she holds Plant Spirit Ceremonies and Initiations for those who would like to explore their own relationship with the Plant Kingdom. This is the main focus of her work.  Suneet is particularly passionate about UK native and non-psychoactive plant spirit medicines as a way to heal and is currently studying to become a Medical Herbalist.


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