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I'm back again, with another solo episode! In this episode, I reflect on the past 399 episodes of this podcast, and talk about its evolution and how I've pivoted on my path over the years. I also discuss how you can decide whether to stick with something, pivot, or quit.

What You'll Learn

  • The evolution of this podcast over the years
  • How to stick with things
  • How to switch things up instead of quitting
  • Questions to ask yourself when you want to quit
  • How to make your journey easier
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Holly:   Hello adventurers and welcome to the Into the Woods podcast, episode 400. 400!!! Yay! This is your host Holly Worton and I am back with another solo episode.

Today I am going to reflect on the last 399 episodes of this podcast and talk a little bit about my journey and talk a little bit about how life is like an ultra (I was just thinking about this earlier today) and talk about how you can stick with things even when they seem hard, or even when they might feel right anymore or even when you are thinking about quitting and what to do.

So I have a bunch of notes and it has taken me a while to kind of put them together, because I had all these kind of random thoughts for this episode and hopefully this will be coherent because I have mapped it out, so.

I was reflecting on this podcast over the years, seven-and-a-half/almost eight years ago, I was listening to podcasts and I couldn’t find the exact podcast I wanted to listen to. I wanted to listen to a podcast that featured women entrepreneurs, women online entrepreneurs, and I couldn’t find one. Now there are tons of podcasts like this but at the time I couldn’t find anything and I was asking online and no one could point me in the right direction and so I thought, well, I guess I am going to have to start this thing.

So this podcast started out talking about women entrepreneurs I did primarily, actually solely, entrepreneurs in the beginning; then I started doing some solo episodes talking about social media marketing and that kind of thing; and then, over time, this morphed into the Business Mindset podcast which it was for quite a while; and then it kind of started going more into the personal development and personal mindset area; and then last year I really stepped into talking about outdoor adventures and now I am talking more about plant and tree communication. Which is kind of a weird combination and the way I organise it in my head is that the plant and tree communication is kind of like ‘adventures in consciousness’ and I plan to do at least one episode a month talking about that. So one of my listeners thanked me the other week for my episode with Cara Wilde and she asked me if I could get an animal communicator on and a crystal communicator on. So I have got the animal communicator lined up, we have just got to get a date in the calendar; and I have invited the crystal person and we shall see. So I have got some interesting people coming on the show, hopefully, to talk about those things. And outdoors adventurers, that’s a huge part of my life and I love talking to people about their outdoors adventures and I will be talking about those in both solo episodes and interviews.

And who knows where this podcast is going to go? I am very lucky in that I have not missed a week in 400 weeks and even when I felt like I had nothing to say I dug deep and I found something meaningful (and hopefully interesting!) to share with you. I don’t think I ever created an episode just to put one out, I feel like I always managed to find an interesting and useful topic.

But honestly, when I started this thing, I didn’t think about the future, I didn’t think about where I would be in seven-and-a-half/eight years, I don’t think I ever thought I would still be doing it 400 episodes later. As I was reflecting on that I was also thinking about my blogging, because I started blogging in 2006 and I am still blogging – on and off, but I am still blogging – many, many, years later – 15 years later, which is wild!

So there are all these things that I have been doing on and off, or continuously, over the years and running is another thing, I used to be a bigger runner in my late 20s and then I kind of quit, and then I picked it up, but I wasn’t really into it, and then last year I picked it up and fell back in love and I have been on fire ever since.

So, there are all of these things, both creative adventures and physical adventures, that I have either been doing consistently or I have been doing inconsistently for many years. And I think this is a useful topic because there are so many things that we get into, that we think are a good idea, that we think are fun, that we should do, or we just start doing for whatever reason and we keep going and going and going and sometimes we want to give up, we want to quit. Sometimes quitting is the right choice and sometimes maybe it is not.

So I talked about this a few weeks ago, in episode 395, How to Know When to Quit Your Adventures, and that was based on running a half-marathon run that I did, where I really wanted to quit and didn’t and then ended up being really pleased that I didn’t. And then last weekend I did a 50km walk, just in my local area, just walked out of my house (we have so many trails where I live, it is really easy to just walk and walk and walk and stay in the same area) and I was really pleased with that, it went really, really, well.

My long distance walking has really improved and I am kind of shocked about how running is helping the walking and the walking is helping the running and it is like the cross-training is really helping. And my 50km walk and my 45km walk are so much easier than my 35km walks, I think just because my body is adapting, it is recovering faster afterwards and it is just doing really well during the walk. I remember, I think it must have been my 35km walk, my feet hurt so bad and I was so tired, and I remember it was dark and I was very close to home and it was the last half-hour of my walk and I was walking through this trail that had a lot of benches and I just sat on every bench. I would get up and walk a few paces and sit on the next bench and get up and walk a few paces and sit on the next bench, and that is how I made it the last bit home.

And my last two walks, even though they were so much longer were so much easier. So there are so many benefits of sticking with things, learning along the way, training, developing resilience, learning from your adventures and making things better.  A couple of walks ago it was super muddy, my feet got wet, it was miserable and so last time I wore water proof socks and my feet were fine! So you learn things with every adventure, with everything that you do. And you learn, adapt and pivot.

It is like with this podcast changing, I have pivoted the topic of the podcast so many times, as I changed, as I grew, as I developed into different interests and I think it is very, very, important to remember that pivoting, adapting, changing is always an option, if things are tough, if things are no longer joyful, if things are no longer fun, you don’t necessarily need to quit something, you can pivot, you can adapt, you can change. Or you can just soldier on through and force your way to the end, or to the next step, or whatever, it depends on what sort of experience you want to have.  

So, in that episode – 395 – where I talked about how to know when to quit your adventures that was very, very, kind of specific to physical adventures, but with life stuff, creative adventures, ask yourself: why do you want to quit? Will you regret quitting? And why are you doing this in the first place? You know, this is such an important question to ask, because there have been so many times with this podcast where I have been, hmm it is not feeling right, what I am going to do with it? And I have changed, either I have quit taking interviews, or I started having a very good friend that I knew I could have a good conversation with, do monthly episodes with, like Jo Casey, like Joanna Hennon. Or I brought interviews back, or I didn’t do solo episodes in the beginning and then I started doing solo episodes. So it was like I made all these little changes that made a huge difference in my experience of creating this podcast.

And you can do the same. Whatever creative adventure or physical adventures or outdoor adventure, or adventure in consciousness, or life adventure, or whatever thing is is that you are doing that you are thinking: ugh I don’t know what to do with this, should I quit or should I keep going? Think about how you can change it. Or take a break, there is nothing wrong with taking a break, plenty of people take breaks from podcast, I have taken breaks from running, I have taken breaks from blogging, I have taken breaks from all kinds of things and I have gone back. You might learn during the break that you don’t you want to go back, or you might realise that you missed it and that you want to go back. Another question to ask yourself is: can you get support? So for me with this podcast, as I said, there have been times where I have had very good friends do episodes with me and that really helped. I knew these were people that I could have a useful, interesting, conversation with, that would be useful to other people and we had a lot to talk about: they were supporting me by coming on every month had we having these conversations that I knew would be interesting and useful to people. So that was a way of getting support.

There are so many ways you can get support and, as I always talk about mindset, there is always mindset support because sometimes when we want to quit, it is our mindset getting in the way, it is our fears, our blocks, our limiting beliefs, kind of rising up and saying: who do you think you are? Who do you think you are to be doing this thing? Who do you think you are to be doing a podcast? Who do you think you are to be writing a blog? Who do you think you are to be writing these books? I am not an expert, who do you think you are? That is one of the most common blocks that people have: I am not good enough to do this thing that I want to do. I am not good enough to walk an ultra marathon or run an ultra marathon, I am not good enough to express myself in this way, or do this art, or do whatever, it is such a common thing. So if you are feeling about quitting something, think about that, think about your mindset. Is it really that it doesn’t that it doesn’t feel right anymore or is it that it feels like a stretch? Is it just that it feels like, maybe you are not good enough to do this thing.

It was like when I was talking about the other week with imposter syndrome, the episode entitled, When You Get Imposter Syndrome With Your Outdoor Adventures, and that was an episode that I did based on personal experience and I got such great feedback, there are so many people who are also experiencing this. So like the story that I told in that episode, you know when I was invited to speak at this ultra event in July, I got huge imposter syndrome: I am not good enough to give a talk to a bunch of ultra marathon runners, who am I? I can’t do this, I am not good enough! I have nothing that could be possibly even remotely of interest to say to them! But the director thought that I did, so there we are. So just always be aware of your mindset and if you have any blocks or limiting beliefs that might be getting in the way.

And sometimes it can be frustrating. A lot of people that start podcasts give up because they just don’t hit the numbers that they want, the downloads. A lot of people who start blogging quit blogging because they are not getting the visitors to their website that they want. That’s really when you have to go back to your why: do you really want the numbers, is that what you care about? Or do you want to express yourself? And if you want to express yourself, does it really matter if 300 people, or 30,000, are listening or watching or reading? Because sometimes the act of expressing yourself can be enough. But it depends on again, what’s your why? What do you want to get out of it?

And sticking with it can be the key to success sometimes. So many people give up before they have really put in enough effort to something. Or another thing I see people doing, or I used to see people doing when I would work with clients (and I just had a chat with a friend about this the other day), is people that are constantly shifting. It is like they try something, they hit a block, or they hit a wall, or it feels too hard and then they shift and they pivot, and this is something to watch out for too because I have see this so often. What I am talking about now is pivoting when you really haven’t given it a go. I remember this one person I used to know from business that every month, or every couple of months, would completely change her niche for coaching and she would just do wildly different things: she would start, it wasn’t instantly easy so she would quit and change. And that’s something that is very, very, different, and that’s something that is very, very, different from what I am talking about where you’re pivoting after a certain amount of time. Like I was saying in this podcast over the course of almost eight years, I probably had four kind of major phases of the podcast, so it was like I was doing something for a couple of years and then it shifted into something slightly different, but I wasn’t changing every month or every two or three months.

So if you find yourself doing that, constantly pivoting or shifting or changing on a very frequent basis, ask yourself: what is going on there? Are you pivoting or changing just because it has gotten hard or challenging? Or is this thing that you want to be doing? It could be that you are in a process of rapid growth and learning about yourself and peeling off the layers of masks of things that aren’t really you, and uncovering the real you at a super fast speed, I don’t know. But probably, if you are constantly changing things, drastically and radically that often, it might just be you getting stuck and frustrated and so you give up and try something new; but be aware of what is going on.

So again, life is like an ultra. We are in this for the long run. We are in our creative ventures for the long run. How we choose to express ourselves over the years may change, may adapt, may pivot, and that is okay. I used to be really into painting but I haven’t painted in years. I miss it but I just don’t have the time and space in my life for that right now. Perhaps I will pick it up again in the future. That is really another way that I love expressing myself but I don’t have the time and space for everything. So be aware of the things that are important to you, I know I have talked a lot about priorities over the years and how to prioritise the things that are important to you, just be aware, know yourself. This is going back to what I said in the beginning, it is so important to know yourself and just get to know yourself better and better over the years, because that will help you make good decisions for yourself, that will help you know what’s important to you, that will help you know how you want to express yourself creatively, what adventures you want to have, both outdoor adventures and adventures in consciousness. That will help you know what you want to do with these precious few moments, days, weeks, years of our lives.

And I think this is what this all comes down to, using this time wisely and not giving up on things that are important to us and realising that we can shift just a little bit and we can get help and we can continue doing the things that we want to do, even when they scare us, even when the going gets hard, even when it is challenging and I think there is so much we can learn from these challenging events in our lives. I have certainly learned so much about myself and so much about how strong that I am and I have learned so much about my resilience and I think these are things that help us to grow. And this last year with Covid and the various lockdowns and restrictions has been rough, it is like this low level stress that’s always been there for the past year. I mean this time last year I was on my beautiful, two-week, pre-Covid (just kind of at the start of Covid, but before the first lockdown) adventure where I was camping and hiking and it was glorious and that was my last… before life got really, really, weird. But life has been really, really, weird so if you have not been feeling great lately, give yourself permission to have some more self-care; give yourself permission to take it easy, maybe don’t push yourself, do whatever it is that you need to do right now; be patient with yourself, be kind with yourself, acknowledge your achievements and acknowledge how far you have come and take the next step, even just one step, even if the whole trail feels hard, even if the whole path towards your goal feels impossible, just take one step. Then once you are there take the next step, it really is just one step after the other.

Plan, train, learn from others to make your journey easier. I am always learning from other people, I am always identifying people, whether it is in the creative world or in the sports world, or whatever, I am always identifying people that inspire me, people that I want to learn from, people that I want to model my adventures after and that is really, really, helpful and useful to have that model, to have that example of what this could look like for me. If I stick with it, if I keep working and put in the time, effort and energy, I could get to where they are if I don’t give up. If I stick with it.

And again, sometimes, quitting is the right thing, but a lot of times, people quit too soon and regret it. And if there is ever something that you have quit and regretted pick it up again, go back, find a way to step back in. It was like with running, I remember saying to my husband so many times, ‘don’t even let me forget how much I love running’, and yet I would quit. And he would say, ‘you told me to remind you how much you love running’, and I would be like, ‘ah but not now, I hate it! I am done with it, no more’. I went through this cycle of: start running again, fall in love with it again, then I would quit and I would start and then I would quit, and I would have this long dry spell, and now I am back. So you can always come back to most things and if you think that you can’t go back to a particular thing think about how you can do something different but similar and pick that up again.

And remember sometimes it is just about showing up and putting one foot in front of the other, literally or figuratively, and just doing the work and start doing the work, literally or figuratively, and just doing the work. And sometimes it starts out hard and then it gets easy and then it gets hard, and then it gets easy, but life is not a sprint.

I always used to say with social media, when I would help people with social media marketing, ‘social media marketing is a marathon and not a sprint’. And life is like that except it is not like a marathon it is like an ultra, we are in this for the long run. And whatever it is, whatever goals you have that you really, really, want your dreams, your biggest adventures, all of that meaningful stuff that you love doing that brings you joy, be in it for the long run. And change, adapt, pivot if you need to. But keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there eventually, maybe faster than you thought!

So that’s all I have got for you this week, I hope you found that useful and I hope that was coherent. I would love to hear from you, please get in touch: you can email at and let me know if there is something that you are stuck with, or something that you have been thinking about quitting that you are not sure that you want to keep on doing. Or, let me know if there is something that you want to keep on doing for years and years and years and you love and you want to keep on doing it. I don’t know, I would love to hear from you, you can email at, or find me online and get in touch there.

And thank you so much for listening, to be honest I don’t thin I would have kept this up for this long if I didn’t have many listeners, but I do, so I am very, very, happy to be showing up every week and getting feedback from you and hearing from you, it really keeps me going and makes me very happy to know that people get something out of this show and I am not just talking to myself, that it is useful. The whole point of this is not for me to blab on and on this week but to provide something that is interesting and useful to people and that helps people on their journey. So hopefully this has helped you on your journey today.

And as always, if you have any ideas for episodes I love hearing from people. Last week’s episode as well was a topic that was based on something a listener sent me in, I add everything to my list, I have never had a listener email me a topic that was like totally off base, so don’t feel like I am going to totally reject you, it will just go on the list and it will happen sooner or later at some point.

So anyway, that’s all for this week, thank you so much for listening, thank you for being here for as many episodes as you have been, I am very pleased to have been doing this for 400 episodes now and I don’t know here’s to another 400, who knows? Will podcasts still be around for another eight years, who knows? Anyway, that’s all for now.

Please visit for the show notes on this episode. Thank you.


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