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Today’s Topic

I'm excited to introduce this week's guest, Allison Boyle. I first discovered her on Instagram, where she posts all you need to know to have outdoor adventures. Allison posts about backcountry hygiene, solo hiking for women, and more.

As you know, I tend to over plan my life, which sometimes leads to overwhelm and frustration. I absolutely love this concept of planning life around themes that last for a season, and then measuring success based on how my experiences matched up with that theme. I hope you find this episode interesting and inspiring!

About Allison

Allison Boyle is an Outdoor Educator and Empowerment Coach who teaches women how to use the skill of outdoor backpacking to become more confident, independent, and adventurous versions of themselves. She also hosts a popular adventure blog that receives over 65,000 pageviews a month, and has been featured as a guest expert on backpacking for Women's Health Magazine and Gaia GPS Out-and-Back Podcast.

Allison has been honing her skills in the mountains for over eight years through backpacking, climbing, and mountaineering in the western United States. She’s coached over 1,200 women to become safe, confident, and self-sufficient backpackers through her personal framework inside of her coaching program, Become an Outdoor Backpacking Badass. She believes backpacking is a skill that has a ripple effect on other aspects of one’s life and that women don’t have to “grow up in the outdoors” to become confident in the backcountry.

Allison's Links

This backpacking starter kit is filled with 14 pages of my best hiking and backpacking tips to help you learn what it takes to become a safe, confident, and self-sufficient outdoor backpacker!

What You'll Learn

  • How to plan your life experiences around personal seasons
  • How to choose and define each season of your life
  • Making sure your life is aligned with the seasonal theme you chose
  • How to measure your success based on how true you were to each season of life
  • How to figure out what you want your next season to be


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