Need a speaker for your show or event?

I'd love to talk about the importance of connecting with Nature


Do you need a guest for your television or radio show? How about your podcast or YouTube channel? Do you need a speaker for your conference, networking event, or Meetup group? I absolutely love speaking, and I want to spread the word about how we can improve our lives through connecting with Nature on a deeper level.

I’m based in London/Surrey, UK and I’d love to speak at your event, Meetup group, or networking group (or anywhere else that’s relevant). And if you need a speaker somewhere else in the world, let me know! I'm available to travel: in 2019 I spoke on how to turn your podcast into a bestselling book at She Podcasts Live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and in 2020 I traveled up to Liverpool to speak with a tree for ITV This Morning.

Or, if you’re running a webinar or any online event, I’d love to be your speaker for that, too. To book me as a speaker, please contact me.

A note on telesummits: if you'd like to invite me to speak on your telesummit, please send full details of what you require. Please note that I don't usually agree to participate in a telesummit if I don't already know the organizer, and I won't agree to send more than one solo email to my list, though I'm really generous about spreading the word on social media, where I'm pretty active. I also won't disclose the size of my list.


Potential topics

Plant Spirit Communication

(This talk is inspired by Holly’s book If Trees Could Talk: Life Lessons from the Wisdom of the Woods.)

  • How I communicate with trees and plants + how you can, too
  • What we can learn from trees and plants
  • How communicating with Nature can change your life

Reconnect with Nature to Reconnect with Yourself

(This talk is inspired by Holly’s book If Trees Could Talk: Life Lessons from the Wisdom of the Woods.)

  • The benefits of building a relationship with Nature
  • How to connect with Nature on a deeper level
  • Why spending time in Nature helps us to get to know ourselves

Solo Hiking for Women

(This talk is inspired by Holly’s books Alone on the South Downs Way, Alone on The Ridgeway, Adventure on the Downs Link, and Adventure on the Wey-South Path.)

  • Why it's safe for women to hike alone
  • The benefits of solo hiking for women
  • How facing our fears in Nature can lead to huge changes in life

Turn Existing Content into Amazon Ebooks 

(This talk is inspired by Holly’s Into the Woods Short Reads ebook series and her book Business Books.)

  • How to take existing content and turn it into Amazon short reads books
  • How to use those books as lead magnets to attract clients
  • Why readers are very warm leads for your business


(This talk is inspired by Holly’s books Workcations and Workcations for Writers.)

  • How to complete your creative projects in record time
  • How to create your own laser-focused getaways
  • How to use workcations to prioritize your creative work

Why your mindset is vital in creating the life you want

(This talk is inspired by Holly’s books Business Beliefs, Business Blocks, and Business Visibility)

  • What is mindset and why is it so important
  • How someone can find out what their current mindset is
  • How to know if your beliefs are supporting you or hurting you
  • How to get the mindset you need to create the life you want


Would you like to invite me to speak on your podcast or at your event?

Please get in touch.
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I've been a guest on TV and radio 

I've been on live television twice in the UK—ITV This Morning—and I've been on various radio shows, both live and recorded, including a feature for BBC Radio Scotland. I'm comfortable both on camera and behind a microphone, as I've been podcasting for 6+ years. I'm great on both sides of an interview!

I'm happy to talk about practical things, like writing, podcasting, and mindset. And I also welcome more unusual invitations such as speaking with trees, which I've done three times now for ITV. I love going into the studio, and also out on location (especially when a tree is involved!).

Are you featuring a story on trees or Nature? I'd love to be your guest. Please get in touch. I'm happy to travel if needed.

I've been a guest on the following shows

I use a Blue Yeti microphone for recording with a pop filter + ear buds. I also use wired internet for all my work and online interviews, so audio quality should be great.

(If the link isn't available below, it's because we've recorded the interview, but it hasn't yet gone live.)

  1. Travelling Through with Emma Carmichael
  2. New Age Life with Garima Nabh
  3. The Butterfly Effect with Tali Orad
  4. Out of the Box with Christine Blosdale
  5. Circle of Light with Jayne Morris
  6. 940 with Julie Chang
  7. TripCast360 with David Cumberbatch and Michael Bennett
  8. The Super Entrepreneurs Podcast with Shahid Durrani
  9. The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn
  10. Beauteous Me with Jamilly Whitfield
  11. Books and Travel with Joanna Penn
  12. Three Things I've Learned with Susan Dolci: Sharing the Stories That Shift Our Souls
  13. Petite2Queen
  14. Smart Woman Conversations with Yvonne DiVita
  15. The Honest Uproar Podcast with Isabel Firecracker
  16. Twelve Minute Convos with Engel Jones
  17. Power Up for Profits with Kathleen Gage
  18. The Kids Climate Podcast
  19. The Slumbering Sloths Book Nook
  20. The WRITE Word TV & Podcast Shows with Janet Groom
  21. Sorted! with Alice Jennings
  22. Stories that Empower Podcast with Sean Farjadi
  23. Diary of a Female Entrepreneur with Nancy Mensah
  24. The 3-Day Workweek Podcast with Cailen Ascher
  25. The Mark Struczewski Podcast
  26. Go Solo Live Podcast with Jennifer Buchholz
  27. Enterprise Now! with Elzie Flenard
  28. The Dots with Kathleen Buczko
  29. Productivityist with Mike Vardy
  30. Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast with Michaela Light
  31. The WRITE Word TV & Podcast Shows with Janet Groom
  32. Discover Your Talent – Do What You Love with Don Hutcheson
  33. Soul Fire Sessions with Louise George
  34. Rock Your Fabulous Biz with Ruby McGuire
  35. Productivity Straight Talk with Amber de la Garza (again!)
  36. The Sustainable Business Podcast with Josh Patrick
  37. The SoulSmart Podcast with Joanna Hennon
  38. Productivity Straight Talk with Amber de la Garza
  39. The Intuitive Woman Podcast with Tina Conroy
  40. AYRIAL TalkTime with Victoria lynn Weston
  41. The IgniteRock Podcast with Ahmed Khalifa
  42. The Wellpreneur Podcast with Amanda Cook
  43. Unstoppable Coach with Millette Jones
  44. In Her Voice with Kelly Covert
  45. Coming Back with Shelby Forsythia
  46. The Way of the Sensitive with Cara Wilde
  47. My Worst Interview…Ever with Tim Sinclair
  48. The Daily Cup Podcast with Ellie Heintze
  49. Twelve Minute Convos with Engel Jones
  50. The Pitch Podcast with Amanda Berlin
  51. Empire By Design with Katie Wyatt
  52. Outlier on Air with Ever Gonzalez
  53. Spark and Profit Podcast with Lisa Porter
  54. She Wrote a Book with Lena Anani
  55. Fierce Feminine Leadership with Eleanor Beaton
  56. The Aim for More Podcast with Drae Box
  57. The Year of Purpose podcast with Zephan Moses Blaxberg
  58. Inspirational Authors Revealed with Leda Sammarco
  59. The Bestseller Academy Podcast with Siobhan Costello
  60. Honor the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Ledford
  61. The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson
  62. The Wellpreneur Podcast with Amanda Cook
  63. The Work Happy Coaching Podcast with Jo Casey
  64. The Everyday SHEro Podcast with Rebecca Kane
  65. Lady Business Radio with Jessica Kupferman
  66. Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris
  67. Every Witch Way with Joanna DeVoe (video interview)

Bio + Photos

If you've already booked me for your show, and you need my bio and photos, you can find them here

Would you like to invite me to speak on your podcast or at your event?

Please get in touch.
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Want to book me on your summit?

I love connecting with new people, and I occasionally agree to participate in online summits.

I have a few guidelines that I adhere to:

  • If you would like me to offer a free gift to your audience, I can offer a free download of one of my books in ebook format.
  • I'm happy to spread the word on social media, where I'm pretty active.
  • I will also mention your event within one of my weekly email newsletters

I will not:

  • Disclose the size of my email list (no exceptions)
  • Send out a separate email to my list about the summit
  • Give out the numbers of my social media followers (you can look this up easily)

If all of this works for you, please get in touch. Thanks!

Check out this playlist of my video interviews

Would you like to invite me to speak on your podcast or at your event?

Please get in touch.
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